Calorie Deficit Calculator


One of the trickiest parts of weight loss is figuring out (1) how many calories your body burns every day just by you existing and (2) how many calories you should eat to lose weight.

Over the past year, I spent no small amount of time looking for a good formula to help me answer these questions. After reading through various studies, getting the advice of a certified nutritionist or two, and digging through copious websites, I settled on this calorie deficit calculator by

I can’t speak to the author’s credentials, only to the fact that all her formulas agreed with the general opinions online and the advice of nutritionists. What makes this calculator handy is that she compiled the various formulas into this easy form that makes finding your daily calorie goal, and your maintenance calorie levels, a piece of cake (so to speak). Simply enter the requested information into the red boxes, and it will do the rest.

Hope you find it useful!


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