Have you thought about lunch?


I wanted to take a moment and share with you some lunch options that can REALLY make the difference when you’re trying to lose weight. I feel that lunch, especially for those of us who work, needs to satisfy our bodies. We spend eight hours a day working hard, experiencing the general discomfort that goes along with not being free to relax–lunch is a window of opportunity to relax.

I’ve found a few lunch combinations that work very well for Peter to take with him. I work from home and have an easier time preparing lunches, but I’ll throw a few of my personal favorites in as well. These lunches will keep you satisfied and within your calorie range for the day. ALSO: there’s no reason to buy your lunch every day. Some of these suggestion look expensive, but they are much cheaper than buying your lunch every day. Yes, even if you buy meat from the deli rather than prepackaged.

Also, these are EASY to make. I didn’t bother sharing the lunches I make for Peter that include any amount of cooking before-hand. You can throw these options together on the fly the night before or the morning of your workday.

Some pairings with these suggested meals: carrots [25 calories (per medium carrot)], apple [70 calories], bell pepper [30 calories], individually-packaged 100 calorie snack (TONS of varieties), and/or string cheese [80 calories]. All of these, especially the veggies, will keep your belly happy and full for the rest of the workday and a minimal calorie cost. Oh yeah: they’re also GREAT for you. I make you this guarantee – if you eat like this for two or three weeks, you will feel the difference in your energy level and mood. A healthy dose of veggies at lunch can make the difference between a miserable, tired day and an energetic, happy one.

  • (1) Turkey-Mozzarella Sandwich
    A. Oroweat Double Fiber Bread [140 calories (70 calories/slice)]
    B. Mustard (honey, Dijon, or original–up to you) [0 calories]
    C. Deli Turkey [70 calories (70 calories/2 slices)]
    D. Part-skim Mozarella or Reduced Fat Alpine Lace Swiss [80 calories (per 1 oz.)]
    E. Dill Pickle Sandwich Slices (I recommend Claussen) [5 calories (per 2 slices)]
    F. Lettuce
    G. On the side: carrots [25 calories (per medium carrot)], apple [70 calories], bell pepper [30 calories], or string cheese [80 calories].
    TOTAL: 295 calories

  • (2) Low-Calorie Egg Salad Sandwich
    A. 2 hard-boiled eggs [140 calories (70 calories/each)]
    B. 1/2 Tbs butter – melted [51 calories]
    C. 1/2 tsp ground mustard (optional)
    D. Salt and Pepper to taste
    E. 2 slices Oroweat Double Fiber Bread [140 calories (70 calories/each)]
    F. Lettuce
    G. Onion [10 calories (per 1/3 of onion)]
    TOTAL: 341 calories
    NOTE: using a fork, mash the eggs together with the melted butter, onion, and spices until you achieve the desired consistency. Put the egg on your bread (I like to toast the bread and spray it with the ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ spray, which has zero calories), top with lettuce, and enjoy!

  • (3) Peanut Butter & Jelly Tortilla Wraps
    A. 2 Tbs Creamy Peanut Butter [180 calories]
    B. 8-inch Tortilla [120 calories]
    C. 1 Tbs Strawberry Jelly [50 calories]
    TOTAL: 350 calories
    NOTE: in a small bowl, mix together peanut butter and jelly; spread mixture of the middle of your tortilla; wrap it up and cut in half; pair with a healthy portion of veggies!

  • (4) Toasted Egg and Mozzarella Sandwich
    A. 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs – sliced [140 calories]
    B. 1 oz. part-skim mozzarella – sliced [80 calories]
    C. 2 slices Oroweat Double Fiber bread – toasted [140 calories (70 calories/slice)]
    TOTAL: 360 calories
    NOTE: place egg slices atop one piece of the toasted bread, cover the egg with your cheese, and microwave or broil until cheese has melted over the egg; now top with the other piece of toasted bread and pack-up. Rewarm in the microwave at work.

    By choosing meals that are high in fiber and protein, you are ensuring that your tummy will stay full, your blood sugar even, and your appetite suppressed until you get home to your delicious dinner. I really recommend spicing up these ideas with your own personal touch: some days, I add basil, oregano, or thyme to my sandwich or eggs, for example. Make it special to you and you’ll find that you’re happy with your meal.

    I’ll post more of these from time to time–who knows? Maybe these fairly generic suggestions with inspire you to come up with ideas of your own. 🙂


  • One Response to “Have you thought about lunch?”

    1. 1 Abby

      Lunch is always the hardest thing for me to plan! This is VERY helpful. Now, just to plan ahead and do some shopping. That would be ideal. Thanks again Michelle for all the wonderful ideas! I’ve only been doing the caloriecount.com for a week, but I’m feeling better already, and from what I can tell, 2 pounds less. YES! Need the inspiration to keep going. Thanks!

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