Kielbasa and Kidney Beans


Stumbled across this gem of a recipe while surfing for inspiration at The original recipe is here. This dish bursts color and a savory-sweet flavor sure to delight your taste buds. And, of course, it’s a great choice for those watching their figure. The portion size is enormous – really! Take it from the girl who likes to eat (really, really, really likes to eat) – you’ll be full when you finish. Don’t believe me? That’s okay. I didn’t think it would fill me up either, so the hubby and I decided to accompany our meal with a serving of Quinoa rice.

In the end, the Quinoa was a great texture/taste addition, but meant I could only fit half my portion in mah belly – much to the delight of hubby Peter, who leapt at the chance to take the remainder with him to work tomorrow.

Suggestion One regarding this recipe: be choosy about the turkey kielbasa you buy. I actually buy a generic brand from Safeway because it’s surprisingly low in sodium, fat, and calories (90 cals per 2 oz.). Others will be much, much higher. You can also get some spectacular turkey kielbasa from local producers, if you have that option available to you. It will be a leaner, more flavorful kielbasa in most cases – meaning you can get more for your money. Of course, if you live where I live, in a *cough* shadier outskirt of Seattle, such delights are naught but dreams.

Suggestion Two regarding this recipe: if you’re going to accompany this dish with Quinoa, which is a great idea, I suggest cutting this recipe in half. It really makes for a lot of food, especially when you serve it with a grain. Also, adding Quinoa brings the calorie total for the dish to 740 or so, which gets a little steep for those eating to lose weight. The rest of you are fine, however. If you can eat all that Quinoa AND a full portion – you’re like a god to me. My tummy couldn’t do it (though lord knows it wanted to).

Okay, okay. No more suspense. Here’s the recipe!

Kielbasa and Kidney Beans
Serves Two

10 oz. turkey kielbasa – cut into 1/2 inch, bite-size pieces
1 onion – small, chopped
2 large red bell pepper – chopped into bite-size pieces
1/4 cup brown sugar – loose, unpacked
1 Tbs cider vinegar
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 (15 oz.) can white kidney (Cannelini) beans – rinsed and drained

Preheat your non-stick skillet on medium heat for a minute or two, then add the kielbasa. Let it kielbasa cook in the pan for a 3 to 4 minutes, only stirring occasionally. Stir in onion and pepper. Let cook, again stirring only occasionally, for approximately five minutes, or until vegetables are tender and sausage is lightly browned. If you choose, you can drain any of the juices which the cooking will have drawn from the meat and veggies–I preferred to keep them for flavor.

Add brown sugar, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce to the skillet; stir well. Add beans. Cook another two minutes, or until beans are thoroughly heated.

Then serve!

p.s. All these pics owe their existence to my highly intelligent phone, which – while it can do 1001 things – has not yet developed a keen sense of photographic quality. Also, my husband took this pic and insisted on including his wine. For the sake of artistry, no doubt. Lurv him. Now the nitty gritty: here’s the calorie breakdown for this recipe!


Per Serving*:
5 oz. turkey kielbasa [225 calories]
1/2 cup onion – chopped [32 calories]
1 red bell pepper [51 calories]
1/8 cup brown sugar – loose, unpacked [69 calories]
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce – [5 calories]
1/2 can (7.5 oz.) white kidney (Cannelini) beans [194 calories]

1/2 cup Quinoa rice – cooked [170 calories]


*calorie estimates are just that–estimates–and may vary according to brand or exact amounts you use; to be certain of your calorie count, use a food scale and a resource like Calorie Count to help you track more accurately.


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  1. 1 Abby

    WOW, this one looks great! Can’t wait to try it 🙂

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